Upcoming Releases: Maston

In March Family Time will release Maston‘s debut e.p. Opal. Primarily centered around Frank Maston’s ability to weave his own style of bedroom pop, Maston dances in and out of contemporary Indie music to create unique non linear one-man-band type songs. You can stream the first single from the 7 song e.p. below called Potemkin.

Frank is also apart of LA’s new school of sound as he is also a contributor to his other band So Many Wizards (check them out!).

Opal will be available March 6 on Cdr


Vid_ Pink Priest – Sleep Ranger promo excerpt

Came up with this idea rather fast and thought I would go through with it considering the release was almost completely sold out.


Live_Bestial Mouth @ Echoplex w/ Psychic TV

Vid_ Stephanie – Blinding Light

I have felt that Seattle’s Cairo scene(check it out) has been on the cusp for a while now but I feel so now more than ever. Stephanie doesn’t necessarily lead the pack but they have a record coming out in March-ish? and I really can’t wait. I am a sucker for their modern approach to post punk. They don’t fear using distortions as opposed to reverberations in their sound and I feel that provides an air of youthfulness that most contemporary music is lacking. Their members are in many bands and should be given equal attention if you are into this: M. Women, Secret Colors, Dimples (rip).

Also 2 members run Couple Skate records

Vid_ Pheromoans – the bovril boys

The Pheromoans have slipped by me for a while now with releases on various labels with varying credibility but with their LP on Clan Destine they seem to be the most solid and concise. I am actually still digesting the record but by far the track “Bovril Boys” is inspirational as it grabs for every instrument in the room and haphazardly makes a slow snarky pop structured track by any means necessary. It comes on a 12″ record and is available now.

Clan Destine site  / Clan Destin store

New Year / Excitement

Happy new year! 2012 is real and I am excited for the future. That is all, we will keep you posted: new bands/releases

Norse Horse’s Grids available now digitally via Polyvinyl Records

Polyvinyl has just released Grids digitally and for the first time you can get a Family Time release from itunes. That’s cool right? We still have a few cdrs and cassettes. We will be reissuing Grids on a 10″ too with LA’s Track Number records. More info tba.


This is probably the last you will hear from us until the new year. Best wishes and maybe I can make 2012 better than this year.