Kevin Greenspon Bracing CDR

Kevin Greenspon is a work horse, i have known Kevin since 2006 and i don’t think i know anybody with the determination that he has. His style has changed drastically in that time but his output has been thorough. With Bracing we see Kevin at his finest and most concise, with guitar and pedals crafting somber pieces that evoke memories of younger days that have all but been forgotten. Kevin is a good friend, but i think there is a lot to his past that he hides. When i listen to songs from Bracing especially when played live i feel like this gives me insight to a delicate past that i don’t have the heart to ask of.

Kevin Greenspon-Bracing

Available Now!

*****Be sure to check out the Cassette version of bracing and another great Nicole Kidman release from Obeast Tapes


2 responses to “Kevin Greenspon Bracing CDR

  1. ok, so “bracing” is on the stereo right now & i am finding the mesh of subtle abrasions & simple washes to be the perfect end to my week. i also really dig the cover art. i had never seen a DVD case release that i have actually liked. thanks for getting this together as a release.

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