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Norse Horse e.p. Grids is available now on 10″ vinyl

Norse Horse e.p. Grids is available now on 10
(click image to purchase vinyl)

Thanks to a group effort between Family Time Records and Track Number Records, Grids is now available on 10″ black vinyl.

Limited to 300
Available now!



“…lyrical presentation and gilded voicing of these two areas conjoined.” Maston’s Opal gets reviewed

“…lyrical presentation and gilded voicing of these two areas conjoined.” Maston’s Opal gets reviewed

Maston’s second e.p. Voyages is now streamable here

Keep your eyes peeled for the Norse Horse / Maston split 7″ due out in June


Maston – Over the Falls (promo vid)

Maston e.p. is available now!

Family Time’s 28th release is now available. The debut from Los Angeles’ Maston.


Vibing on similar sensibilities to Family Time Records alumni Norse Horse, Maston too draws influence from 60’s pop and 70’s folk to create modern worldly songs that jangle through constant changes while retaining subtle feelings that bring the e.p. together.

Listen here / Get it here

I hope all is well with everybody


Vid_ M. Women – Dark Space

This album is really amazing. Voicing a need for more distortion in modern music M. Women reside in Seattle, Washington. Another Cairo / Couple Skate / Seattle band that throw you for a loop. Just got done doing a massive US tour with a video from Seattle pro Robert Wolfe.

They are playing with THE RAINCOATS March 16

M. Women – Faithful

M. Women – Tense Hands Talk featured in a pretty good mix by the home boy and girl Ian and Colleen

All songs mentioned are from their recent 12″ debut Faithful out now on Couple Skate


Live_Maston + Mothers of Gut @ Homeroom (LA)

Friday March 2 Homeroom (LA) will host Family Time’s Maston and Mothers of Gut. Not technically a release show for the Maston e.p. but that will be the first place that Opal will be available. You canĀ  stream the e.p. below, the Family Time version has 2 unreleased songs from the original Opal recording sessions.

RSVP here for info about Fridays show